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  • Answer the questions carefully after learing your lesson of the day.

! Little tricks: Do not send your answers until you are completely sure of it. !

! You will not be able to connect yourself after that. !

! Take your time and do not hesitate to google new words. !

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 1 – Complete the sentences with the pairs of verbs. Change the form of the verbs where necessary .

    1) A: I remember (leave) my wallet on the table, but now it isn’t there.
    B: Did you remember (do) your homework?
    2) A: Don’t forget (take) the books with you when you leave.
    B: I’ll never forget (fall) off my bicycle for the first time.
    3) A: After a bad start, the team went on (win) the tournament.
    B: Mike told us a ghost story and then we all went on (tell) each other scary stories.
    4) A: Leaving university meant ( give up) his dreams of becoming a doctor.
    B: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean (be) rude.
    5) A: I don’t regret (hit) him at all! He deserved it.
    B: We regret (inform) you that we are unable to reimburse the full amount.
    6) A: You’re so selfish. Do you ever stop (think) how other people might feel?
    B: Stop (bother) your brother. He needs to finish his homework .
    7) A: Try (press) that key again and see if the program stops this time.
    B: I’m trying (learn) Arabic at the moment, but it isn’t easy !

     2 – Rewrite six more mistakes in these conversations.

      Shelley: Did you remember « To » buy more paint , Diego ?

      Diego: Yes, I did. But I forgot bringing it with me. I can go back and get it now.

      Shelley: It’s OK. I think Marie is on her way here, so she can stop getting some.

      Shelley: Hi Marie. It’s Shelley. Are you on your way?

      Marie: No, not yet.I meant leaving ages ago, but my ex-boyfriend called round.

      Shelley: Really? What did he want?

      Marie: To say how much he regretted to leave me. He went on say how sorry he was for over an hour!

      Shelley: What happened?

      Marie: Well, I tried be nice at first but it didn’t help, so in the end I told him to go.

       3 – Rewrite the first sentence using the word in bold followed by a verb as an infinitive or in the -ing form.

        1) After he joined the army, he became a general.
        went on After he joined the army, a general
        2) Don’t worry so much!
        Stop it so much!
        3) As the window is stuck from the inside, see if you can open it from the outside.
        Try As the window is stuck from the inside, it from the outside.
        4) I’m sorry that I lied to you.
        Regret I to you.
        5) The security guard was sure he had checked the lock before he went home.
        Remembered The security guard the lock before he went home.
        6) I had less money to spend because I lost my job.
        Meant Losing my job less money to spend


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        Ses diplômes homologués en plus de professionnalisme de ses formateurs, facilitent aux candidats l’intégration dans la vie professionnelle.



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