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   1 – Choose the correct options.

1) I wish I  knew would know how to play golf.
2) You speak Russian so beautifully. I wish I  could would speak Russian like you.
3) I wish you  came were coming to the party this evening.
4) This film is awful! I wish I  stayed ’d stayed at home.
5) I wish I could  have met would have met your father.
6) A: I’m bored!
B: I wish you  weren’t saying wouldn’t say that!

  2 – Look at the pictures and complete the people’s thoughts using the verbs in brackets.

1) If only I (bring) my umbrella.        4) I wish you (bite) your nails all the time!

2) I wish I (read) Japanese.          5) If only I (not/go) home tomorrow.

3) I wish it (be) so hot!            6) If only I (have) enough money.

 3 – Complete the sentences so that they are true for you.

1) I wish I were .
2) I wish I could .
3) If only I wasn’t tomorrow.
4) If only I hadn’t .


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