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  • Answer the questions carefully after learing your lesson of the day.

! Little tricks: Do not send your answers until you are completely sure of it. !

! You will not be able to connect yourself after that. !

! Take your time and do not hesitate to google new words. !

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   1 – Complete the reported speech with a verb in the box.

accused    admitted    apologised    encouraged    recommended     refused    suggested    warned

    She seeing a doctor.
    He me about going up the ladder.
    I for breaking her vase.
    The thief stealing the car.
    The employees to work late.
    She reading the book.
    His mum him of telling lies.
    The coach the athlete.

       2 – Match the two halves of the sentences..

      1) One person warned everyone that
      2) Mrs White promised to
      3) Mr Jones proposed
      4) The chairperson insisted
      5) The chairperson thanked

       3 – Read the conversation. Complete the report (1–8) of this conversation using words from the conversation. Change the verb form where necessary. With some verbs there is more than one possible answer.

        Baldesi: I’d like to propose that we introduce regular English lessons for everyone in the office. Song: I agree. English lessons will be very useful for all those telephone calls from abroad.
        Webb: Sorry, but I don’t think staff need help with English. Most of our clients are Spanish speakers.
        Song: Yes, actually you are probably right about the clients being Spanish. But some use English, so what
        about offering lessons in both languages?
        Baldesi: But have you considered the cost of such a plan?
        Webb: I have an idea. I could find out which language people think they need most. Baldesi: Sorry, I don’t understand.
        Webb: They would choose between English or Spanish lessons.

        1) Mr Baldesi proposed introducing regular English lessons for everyone in the office.
        2) Ms Song agreed that very useful for all those telephone calls from abroad.
        3) However, Mr Webb disagreed with English, because most of their clients are Spanish speakers.
        4) Ms Song admitted probably right.
        5) She suggested lessons in both languages.
        6) Mr Baldesi asked them the cost of such a plan.
        7) Mr Webb offered which language people thought they needed most.
        He explained that between English or Spanish lessons


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        Ses diplômes homologués en plus de professionnalisme de ses formateurs, facilitent aux candidats l’intégration dans la vie professionnelle.



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