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  • Answer the questions carefully after learing your lesson of the day.

! Little tricks: Do not send your answers until you are completely sure of it. !

! You will not be able to connect yourself after that. !

! Take your time and do not hesitate to google new words. !

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   1 – Complete the reported speech with a verb in the box.

    1) All the students hope to be putbeing put into Mr Brown’s class.
    2) He can’t stand to be provedbeing proved wrong in an argument.
    3) Are you prepared to be askedbeing asked some difficult questions?
    4) Anyone who is late for the bus risks to be leftbeing left behind!
    5) Your aunt appeared to be shockedbeing shocked by the film. What were you watching?
    6) We knew he was missing school because he kept to be seenbeing seen around town during the day.
    7) I’m worried about not to be chosennot being chosen for the team.
    8) No one likes to be delayedbeing delaying at airports.
    9) The winning team stopped in their home town to be cheeredbeing cheered by their fans after they won the cup.

       2 – Match 1–6 with A–F.

      1) In the past, it was believed that
      2) It is commonly known that
      3) It has been claimed that there are
      4) A serious car crash is reported
      5) Native American Indians are thought
      6) The government has agreed to

       3 – Rewrite the reporter’s sentences starting with the words in 1–5.

        1) It is known that the robbery happened at three in the morning .
        2) It is .
        3) It is .
        4) A blue van is said to have .
        5) The robbers are

               4- Complete the text with the words in brackets, using reporting passive structures.

          When Columbus proposed a plan reach the East by sailing west (it / criticize) by many people including his own King of Portugal. (it / claim) that Columbus had underestimated the actual circumference of the Earth, Eventually ,Columbus is (know / convince) the King and Queen of Spain who (expect / reward) him with new lands. After some weeks at sea, his crew were growing angry and Columbus only (avoid / kill ) by the desperate men when an island was finally sighted. The island (believe / be ) part of what is now the Bahamas.


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