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  • Answer the questions carefully after learing your lesson of the day.

! Little tricks: Do not send your answers until you are completely sure of it. !

! You will not be able to connect yourself after that. !

! Take your time and do not hesitate to google new words. !

! Go back to lesson of the day section from time to time. !

   1 – Complete the text with the or no article (Ø.

    Hedy Lamarr was an Austrian actress born in Vienna who went on to become one of most famous Hollywood actresses of 20th century. Her real name was Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler. Her mother was a pianist and influenced her daughter’s artistic skills as she studied ballet and soon became an actress .She became well known in .

    European films and was called most beautiful woman in Europe.
    In 1933,she married Fritz Mandal , but she left him four years later .She went toLondon and met Louis B. Mayer, a film producer .He changed her name to Hedy Lamarr and she want to Hollywood .Nowadays , Lamarr is well known for her many films from forties and fifties . However she was also very intelligent and invented secret communications system in 1942 which cloud change radio frequencies and protect radio messages. At the time , the technology was too advanced to help US Army in World War II , but since then it has been used by modem military and the mobile phone industry.

       2 – Cross out the in sentences 1–11 where it’s not needed.

      1) What time do you normally eat the lunch.
      2) The Times of India is the country’s most widely-read English newspaper.
      3) Have you finished with your copy of the Newsweek? Can I read it?
      4) The United Nations’ headquarters is in the New York.
      5) Let’s leave the car and go by the bus for a change.
      6) Are you going to the gym later?
      7) What can we do about the poor in our society?
      8) My uncle is in the hospital with a broken leg.
      9) The Italian Renaissance was famous for painters like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.
      10) My favourite subject has always been the Geography.
      11) They say you can float and read a newspaper on the Dead Sea.

       3 – Complete these sentences in your own words. Use the or no article in your answers.


        1) The most famous place to visit in my country is .
        2) I can play .
        3) The invention of was probably the most important of the last century.
        4) My country is part of the continent of .
        5) In my country, everyone has to study in school.
        6) My favourite meal of the day is


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        Ses diplômes homologués en plus de professionnalisme de ses formateurs, facilitent aux candidats l’intégration dans la vie professionnelle.



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