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   1 – Complete the sentences using only the verb in brackets in the correct.

1) Anyone (drive) over the speed limit will be stopped.
2) Any employee (work) hard could receive a bonus this month.
3) Passengers (wait) for trains can use the waiting room on platform two.
4) Letters (send) with a first class stamp arrive the following day.
5) Any items (leave) in the classroom at the end of term will be thrown away.
6) Glass (put) in green bins is recycled.
7) The people (live) in this house have been here for years.
8) Many products (buy) online are much cheaper than in the shops.
9) There is a fine for any library books (return) late.
10) We’ll give a reward to anyone (provide) the police with information about the missing jewels.

   2 – Combine the two sentences with a reduced relative clause.

1) A bag was stolen from my hotel room. It had my passport in it.
The bag from my hotel room my passport in it.
2) She’s the one. She’s demanding a pay rise.
She’s the one a pay rise.
3) This is a job. It needs someone with plenty of experience.
This is a job someone with plenty of experience.
4) A package was delivered this morning. It’s on my desk.
The package this morning is on my desk.
5) It’s a university. It specialises in medicine.
It’s a university in medicine.
6) That’s the baby. She was born only three hours ago.
That’s the baby only three hours ago.

    3 – Read these announcements. Reduce the relative clauses where possible.

1) All passengers who are travelling to Delhi, please proceed to gate number 31, where your plane is ready for boarding. That’s flight AI 511, which departs from gate 31.

2) Could those passengers who are waiting for their luggage from flight AI 552 please come to the baggage claim desk where we have their suitcases.

3) Anyone that enters Passport Control should have their passport and boarding card ready for inspection. Any hand luggage which is carried with you must conform to size restrictions.

4) This is a no-smoking flight. Any passenger who is caught smoking will be detained by airport police after landing.

5) We are about to land. All electronic items which are switched on should now be turned off.