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   1- Choose six more relative clauses in this article. Then decide if they are defining or non- defining. Write D or N-D.

Robbery attempt put on ice!

A THIEF , who broke into an office block, was seen by the security guard, but he escaped before the police arrived. However, the 38-year-old man, who had taken two laptop computers, was also recorded on security cameras and the police were able to identify him as Adam Mader. When police entered his flat, which was only five minutes from the office block, they found no sign of him. But just as the police officers were leaving, they heard a sneeze that came from the inside of the fridge.

When they opened the door of the fridge, which was only a metre high, they found Mader curled up inside and shivering. Mader, who had been in the fridge for over two hours, had a cold and was given a blanket and a packet of tissues before the police took him away. The laptops which had been stolen were returned to the office after they had been defrosted!


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         2 – Combine the three pieces of information into one sentence using a non-defining relative clause.

      1) Burj Khalifa / was completed in 2010 / the tallest building in the world.

      2) Coca-Cola / also called Coke / sold in over 200 countries.

      3) Barack Obama / born in Hawaii / the 44th President of the USA.

      4) The moon / has water under its surface / might be a future home for humans.

          3a – Replace who or which with that where possible.

        1) Are you the person who told the teacher about

        2) My aunt, who has now retired, was a teacher for over 30 years

        3) The internet, which we take for granted nowadays, never even existed when I was a child

        4) She’s someone who I’ve known for years

                   3b – Delete who, which or that where possible.

          1) These shoes which I bought are too small.

          2) These shoes, which are too small, need to be returned.

          3) Joe’s Café, which has only been open since June, is closing.

          4) The bank robbers who the police caught will only go to prison for a month.

          5) The owner of this restaurant, who is a friend of mine, lives in Bermuda.

          6) That group that you like so much are playing live at a local club.


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