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   1- Choose  the correct options.

I grew up in the city, so / I’m getting used to noise and traffic. It’s taking me some time to used to the peace and quiet out here in the country!

Our daughter is almost a year old now.  I’m slowly I’m getting used to life as a parent. I quickly  was got used to the sleepless nights and the toys all over the house. And I know I’ll have  to be get used to being called ‘Daddy’ pretty soon, too, now that Rosie’s started talking.

     2 – Complete the sentences with the correct form of be or get.

1) He used to travelling on the train to work every day. He’d been doing it for years and always took a book with him.
2) They soon used to the new routine and really enjoyed the change.
3) Moving to a new town can be quite stressful, but I’m sure I used to it pretty quickly.
4) At the beginning, I (not) used to working nights and I found it very difficult to adapt.
5) She had always lived alone and used to having the house to herself, so she didn’t like having visitors to stay.
6) We (not) used to all this noise and we’re finding it very difficult to sleep at night.

    3 – Complete the dialogue with the correct form of used to, be used to and get used to.

A: So, what you do before you became a teacher?
B: I work as a banker in the City, in London.
A: Why did you decide to become a teacher?

B: My working life be very stressful. I working ten or twelve hours a day and under a lot of pressure. It was very tiring and I decided it was time for a change.
A: Was it difficult to your new lifestyle?

B: Well, I earning a lot more money, so it took me a bit of time to living on a teacher’s salary! And I (not) working with kids, but now I’m slowly the role of teacher and I’m loving every minute of it – well, almost!

A: And what about your new working routine?
B: I the shorter working hours and the longer holidays very quickly! I only take ten or fifteen days’ holiday a year when I was a banker. Now I have six weeks’ holiday in the summer alone. That’s great!

           4 – Complete these sentences so that they are true for you.

1) I’m used to at work/school/university.
2) I’m still not used to .
3) I’m slowly getting used to