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1- Put 1–8 in the correct order to complete the story.


    I’d been…………..
    1) been years since I’d last seen my twin brother...  
    2) Walked over to me.It was Tom .He        
    3) got to the restaurant, I thought he hadn’t     
    4) looked so much older than when I’d last       
    5) arrived yet. Then a man with a long beard    
    6) seen him. I was so happy.It’d             
    7) seen him for more than ten years.When I first   
    8) looking forward to seeing Tom again.I hadn’t     


    2- Choose the correct form of the verbs.

      1) He a tree when the accident .He down when he and his leg.

      2) We incredibly late. The party by the time we there. The music and all the guests ready to go .We that our car down. Steff her coat on, but she us to have a drink in a nearby bar.

      3) I had just got into bed when I a loud noise .I to the window to see what . A dog over our rubbish bin .It the food that on the pavement.


      3- Complete the dialogue using the past simple, past continuous, or past perfect simple.

        A : Did you hear (hear) about the party last night ?
        B : No, what party ?
        A : The one at Hugh’s house. You remember , the one for his girlfriend’s 30th birthday.
        B : Oh yes, I remember .So, what (Happen).
        A : Well, everyone (Have) a great time. There was a band and a disco………..
        B : Sounds just like Hugh !
        A : Yeah, but while the band (Play), some thieves (Break) into the house.
        B : No ! Really ?
        A : Yes ! Hugh (not find out) till a few hours after it had happened. Everybody (already / leave).
        B : What they (Take) ?
        A : Everything : the TV, the hi-fi, the computer……..
        B : Oh, no ! Poor Hugh!


        ITI est un centre professionnel de formation en maintenance informatique et bureautique, développement WEB, français commercial, anglais et cours bancaires.
        Ses diplômes homologués en plus de professionnalisme de ses formateurs, facilitent aux candidats l’intégration dans la vie professionnelle.



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