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  • Answer the questions carefully after learing your lesson of the day.

! Little tricks: Do not send your answers until you are completely sure of it. !

! You will not be able to connect yourself after that. !

! Take your time and do not hesitate to google new words. !

! Go back to lesson of the day section from time to time. !

1- Match 1–8 with A–H.

    1 There’s been a change of plan.
    2 We’ll need to leave here at about 7.30.
    3 I didn’t do very well in my exams.
    4 You’d better bring some sun cream.
    5 I forgot that it’s Amy’s birthday today!
    6 Oh no! Look at the traffic.
    7 Tomorrow is the last day of term.
    8 Sorry, I can’t come to the cinema tomorrow

    A - We’re going to be late !
    B – The doors open at 8 o’clock.
    C – I’m babysitting for my neighbour.
    D – But I’m going to study much harder this year.
    E – It’s going to be really hot today.
    F – All classes will finish at 1 p.m.
    G – I’ll send her a text message.
    H -We’re meeting at 12 instead of 1.30

    2- Choose the best options.


      A: We’re goingWe’ll go to the theatre on Saturday.
      B: What are you going towill you see?
      A: It’s a Cuban dance group. They’re great. Do you want to come, too?
      B: What time does the show start?
      A: At 9.30.We’re going to meet upWe will meet up for something to eat at the Thai Dragon beforehand. There’sThere’ll be me, Rob, Teresa and Stefano. It’s beingIt’ll be fun.
      B: I’d love to come too. Have you got the tickets yet?
      A: No, I think I buyI’m going to buy them online later today. Do you want me to get one for you?
      B: Could you get two? Jane is stayingwill stay with me this weekend.
      A: Sure, I’m doingI’ll do that this morning – as soon as I’ve finished my breakfast!
      B: Thanks a lot! Let me know how much it is and I’m payingI’ll pay you on Saturday.
      A: OK. Speak soon!


      3- Rewrite the sentences with a similar meaning using the words in bold.

        1) What are your plans for tomorrow?
        2) Who do you think will win the competition?
        Think / going
        3) Don’t worry, it isn’t going to rain tomorrow.
        4) I’ve arranged to take the day off tomorrow.
        5) The flight will leave Naples at 18.30 and arrive in London at 20.25.
        6) Do you intend to sell your bike at the end of the summer?
        7) It’s going to be really difficult to get there by nine.
        8) The exam will start at 9.00 and the doors to the exam room will close at 8.50.


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