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1 – Seven sentences have one incorrect word (*) .Three sentences are correct (X). Cross out the incorrect  words and  write  them  correctly.

1) How much baggages have you got with you ?
2) That’s nice watch.
3) A lot of snows fell last night.
4) My glasses needs mending.
5) Goggles must be worn at all time.
6) DVDs are really cheapat this shop.
7) Would you like some drink ?
8) Sorry , I don’t have any gossips for you today
9) Have you got an information about the castle?
10) Three coffees ,please.

         2 – Match the expressions on the left to the nouns on the right. Then write the phrases beneath the pictures.

    a type of              a loaf of               a piece of                          a tin of                            a pack of             a slice of           lemon             cards                           cake                                   bread                      soup                           insect

 1)        2)       3)

 4)        5)       6)

         3- Choose  the correct verb form, singular or plural, in italics. In one sentence, both forms are possible.

1) Be careful. These stairs very steep.
2) A pinch of salt the taste.
3) Your advice always very helpful.
4) How well your trousers fit?
5) Your scissors really well.
6) My team very good. They lose every match.
7) The police arrested anyone yet.

        4- Read the pairs of sentences and match them to the correct responses (A or B).

A - Sorry, we’ve sold out. We’re waiting for a delivery
B - With ice?
A - Let’s try one.
B - OK. I’ll have some with my tea.
A - Yes, at all times
B - Yes, but hurry up. We haven’t got much time

1) I’d like an orange juice, please .
2) I’d like a carton of orange juice, please
3) I’ve baked the cakes
4) There’s some cake left
5) Do I have to wear a safety helmet ?
6) Shall I wear this as well? Does it go with my necklace?


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