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1- Complete the sentences with the superlative form of the adjectives in brackets.

1) Mr Bao from Mongolia is the (tall) man in the world.
2) The (short) woman in the world is 79 centimetres tall.
3) The blue whale is the (big) animal in the world.
4) I think snakes are the (dangerous) animals.
5) The River Nile in Egypt is the (long) river in the world.
6) Damascus in Syria is the (old) city in the world.
7) Luxembourg is the (safe) city in Europe.
8) Moscow is the (expensive) city in the world.
9) Mount Everest is the (high) mountain in the world.
10) I’m sure elephants are the (heavy) animals on land.

2- Write a comparative and superlative sentence with the adjectives.

1) Animal: tortoise / snake / cheetah (slow)
A snake .
The tortoise

2) Country: Ethiopia / Italy / Norway (hot)

3) Ocean: the Pacific Ocean / the Indian Ocean / the Mediterranean Sea (big)
The Indian Ocean
The Pacific Ocean

4) Country: Switzerland / India / Russia (small)

5) Transport: aeroplane / car / bicycle (fast)
A car
The aeroplane

3- Correct the sentences.

1) I’m the worsest at English in my class.

2) I think Brazil is best football team in the world.

3) Snakes are the more dangerous animals in my country.

4) I don’t think he’s a gooder actor than De Niro.

5) Your bags are heavy but my bag is the most heavy.