Answer the questions carefully after completing your lesson of the day.

!Little tricks: Do not send your answers until you are completely sure of it.!

! You will not be able to connect yourself after that.!

! Take your time and do not hesitate to google new words. !

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1- Match 1–8 to a–h to make sentences.

1) I’m going to Buckingham Palace
2) They went to the butcher
3) You need to study hard
4) Leave early in the morning
5) I want to buy an mp3 player
6) I stopped at the garage
7) We’d like a menu
8) You should buy a new dress
a- to buy some meat.
b- to see the Queen.
c- to put petrol in the car.
d- to wear to the party.
e- to avoid the traffic.
f- to learn a language.
g- to take on holiday.
h- to see what’s for lunch.

        2- The word to is missing six times in the text .write it in.

3- Look at the pictures and answer the questions. Use the infinitive of purpose with the verb in brackets.

1) Why is she cycling? (get)

2) Why is he at the market? (buy)

3) Why is he waiting? (catch)

4) Why do you press this button? (take)

5) Why did they go to the zoo? (see)

6) Why did they fly into space in 1969? (land on)

       4- Complete these sentences about you using the infinitive of purpose.

1) I’m studying English to .
2) Last year I visited to .
3) Next year I’m going to to .