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Answer the questions carefully after completing your lesson of the day.

!Little tricks: Do not send your answers until you are completely sure of it.!

! You will not be able to connect yourself after that.!

! Take your time and do not hesitate to google new words. !

! Go back to lesson of the day section from time to time. !

1- Complete the sentences with the words in brackets.

    1) (nothing, everybody) was hungry but there was to eat.
    2) (nobody, everybody) There’s in the house. has gone to the beach.
    3) (anything, anybody) There isn’t good on at the cinema. Does want to go out for a meal?
    4) (anybody, somebody) There’s at the door – are you expecting ?
    5) (nobody, everything) I phoned but answered. Is OK?

           2- Complete the sentences with the pairs of words in the box.

    somewhere + nowhere     something + somebody     everywhere + anywhere      anything + nothing      anybody + anywhere 

      1) Has got José’s number? I can’t find it
      2) I’ve got exciting to tell you about you know.
      3) We didn’t do interesting all weekend – we stayed at home and did .
      4) I’ve lost my keys. I’ve looked for them but I can’t find them .
      5) I’m looking for to park, but there’s in this street

             3- Rewrite the sentences. Change no- to not any- and not any- to no-.

        1) There’s nobody in the house.
        2) There isn’t anything to do.
        3) There’s nowhere to go.
        4) There’s nothing on TV.
        5) There isn’t anybody I want to phone.
        6) There isn’t anywhere worse than here.

              4- Complete the conversations.

          A: Polly, I’ve got to tell you. I’m leaving.
          B: But why John? I did for you.
          A: I know you did. But it will never work between us.
          B: Oh, John. Is there I can do to change your mind?
          A: No, .

          C: Did you hear that?
          D: No, I didn’t. I didn’t hear .
          C: I think there’s downstairs.
          D: No, there isn’t. There’s downstairs. Go to sleep.
          C: Then what was THAT?

          E: Your travel photos are wonderful. You’ve been .
          F: Not really. Only to India and Thailand.
          E: Well, it’s more than me. I haven’t done with my life and I haven’t been .
          F: That’s not true. What about your camping holiday last year, for example?


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          Ses diplômes homologués en plus de professionnalisme de ses formateurs, facilitent aux candidats l’intégration dans la vie professionnelle.

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