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1- Write sentences about where they live.

1) I / Spain / but / London      I’m from Spain but I live in London.

2) Alberto / Spain / and / Madrid   Alberto’s from Spain and he lives in Madrid.

3) Tessa / Greece / and / Athens   

4) Jim and I / the UK / but / Tokyo   

5) Yang and Li / China / but / Paris  

6) Dan / Australia / and / Melbourne 

2-  Write sentences about where they work. Use the words in the box.

 bank hospital school  restaurant


1) Alberto’s a doctor.       He works in a hospital.

2) Nina’s a banker.        She works in a bank.

3) Tessa’s a teacher.        

4) Dan’s a waiter.       

5) Yuko and Tomi are nurses.   

6) Juana and I are chefs.       


3- Choose the correct verbs.

My wife in a bank and I in a hospital. I work at nine o’clock every day. My wife at eight but she a break at half past ten. We both lunch at half past twelve. She work at five o’clock and I at half past five. In the evening she English and I television.


4- Complete the description of Sophie and Emma’s routines.


Sophie and Emma are chefs. Sophie starts
work at ten o’clock and Emma at half past nine. They a break at three o’clock.
Sophie work at half past four and Emma
at four o’clock.


5- Look at the timetable in exercise 4 again. Write a of Larry and Dan’s routines.

6- Write a description of your routine.