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1- Look at the picture. Complete the text with the words in the box.


 apples        banana        biscuits        bread        butter        coffee        milk        sugar



There’s some and some
in the fridge and there are some .
There are some under the table. There’s some
on the table and there’s a . There’s some on the shelf. There isn’t any and there aren’t any .

2– Look at the picture in exercise 1 again. Match the answers to the questions.

1) Is there any milk?               a- No, there isn’t.
2) Are there any apples?       b- Yes, there are. They’re in the fridge.
3) Is there any bread?            c- Yes, there is. It’s on the shelf.
4) Is there any sugar?            d- Yes, there is. It’s on the table.
5) Are there any biscuits?        e- Yes, there is. It’s in the fridge.
6) Are there any eggs?        f- No, there aren’t.
7) Is there any butter?        g- Yes, there are. They’re under the table.

3- Look at the picture. Complete the sentences with a, an, some or any.


1) There isn’t bread.
2) There’s orange.
3) There aren’t biscuits.
4) There are eggs.
5) There’s banana.
6) There isn’t butter.
7) There’s coffee.

4- Look at the picture in exercise 3 again. Write questions and answers.

1) coffee

2) biscuits

3) sugar

4) eggs


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