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1-  Are these things countable or uncountable? Write C or U.

1- rice
2- flour
3- tin of soup
4- people
5- money
6- time
8- oil
9- air
10- light
11- space
12- window
13- CD
14- book
15- DVD
16- milk

2-  Complete the conversations with much or many.

A: How time have we got?
B: We’ve got about an hour before everyone arrives.
A: How people are coming?
B: Not – about twenty.
A: Twenty? And how money
have we spent?

C: Is the car ready?
D: Well, we haven’t got petrol.
C: OΚ, and how oil have we got?
D: Not and there isn’t
air in the tyres.

E: Did you like the apartment?
F: No, I didn’t. There wasn’t light.
E: Really?
F: No, and there weren’t windows.
And there wasn’t space either.

G: How CDs are there?
H: About five hundred.
G: What about books? How books are there?
H: About a thousand.
G: And how DVDs are there?
H: About two hundred.

















3-  Correct the sentences. Five are correct.

1) There are a lot of tins in that cupboard.
2) We don’t have many salt.
3) How many milk do you need?
4) I have a lot of information about it.
5) There isn’t a lot time. Let’s go!
6) How much rooms do you need?
7) There aren’t many chairs.
8) How a lot of rice do you want?
9) How much sugar have we got?
10) There aren’t much milk in the fridge.
11) Are there much people at the party?
12) A lot of people is vegetarians these days.


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