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1- Match the past simple form.

ate      bought      did      gave      got      had      made      sat      saw      swam      took      went

1) eat
2) sit
3) do
4) swim
5) get
6) go
7) have
8) make
9) Buy
10) Take
11) give
12) See

2- Complete the sentences with the past simple of the

1) We (eat) fish at a restaurant last night.
2) I (go) to Spain on holiday last summer.
3) She (buy) a new suit for work at the weekend.
4) I (have) a bicycle when I was a child.
5) They (do) their homework last night.
6) We (swim) in the pool in the park on Sunday.
7) You (take) a taxi to the station last week.
8) She (make) lunch for us yesterday.
9) He (get) up late this morning.
10) I (sit) in the sun all afternoon.
11) We (give) her a camera for her birthday.
12) They (see) some horses on the beach this morning.

3- Complete the conversation with the past simple of the verbs in the box.

buy             do             eat             get up             go             have             sit             swim             take



A: How was your holiday?
B: Great! We late every day and
in the hotel pool before breakfast.
A: How was the food at the hotel?
B: Not bad, but we usually in one of the local restaurants. We some delicious fish dishes.
A: So, were you near the coast?
B: Yes, we were. We the hotel bus down to the sea and on the beach in
the afternoon.
A: Were there many places to visit?
B: Mark sightseeing but I wasn’t interested. I some shopping on the last day. Look! I this beautiful bracelet at a local market.

4- Regular or irregular verbs? Correct the mistakes.

1) maked
2) took
3) visited
4) goed
5) studied
6) buyed
7) walked
8) eated
9) sitted
10) swimmed
11) haved
12) took
13) travelled
14) joinned
15) tryed
16) stopped
17) finished
18) gived


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