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  • Answer the questions carefully after completing your lesson of the day.

!Little tricks: Do not send your answers until you are completely sure of it.

! You will not be able to connect yourself after that.!

! Take your time and do not hesitate to google new words. !

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1- Complete the sentences with the present simple form of the verbs in the box.


 catch        cost        enjoy        feel        go        have        live        study        travel        understand



    1) Ricki  goes  to English lessons twice a week.

    2) The US President  in the White House.

    3) We always  the bus to work at eight in the morning.

    4) This bicycle  over $500.

    5) He  playing computer games with his friends.

    6) Most people in France  their summer holiday in July and August.

    7) Nigel and Bruce  for their exams in the evenings.

    8) The moon  round the Earth at 3,683 kilometres per hour.

    9) How do you  today? Are you better?

    10) I don’t  this question. Can you help me?


    2- Gabi Teschner, a German exchange student, is spending three months in the USA.


      Interviewer: What  do you notice (notice) about students in the USA?
      Gabi:      They get up (get up) very early for school.
      Interviewer: What time  (school/start) in Germany?
      Gabi:      We also  (begin) at eight o’clock but in the USA the school day
       (last) longer. Also the timetable  (not give) much time for breaks and lunch.

      Interviewer: What    (you think) of American food, Gabi?
      Gabi:       (like) the breakfasts because they are similar to Germany but the school lunch
       (not taste) very good. It’s always burgers or pizza and fries.

      Interviewer: And what  (students do) in their free time?
      Gabi:      Sport is very important in the USA so they  (play) baseball or football after school.
      Interviewer: (you play) these sports in Germany?
      Gabi:      Yes, I’m in a women’s football team but we  (not use) an oval ball. Our footballs, or soccer balls, are round!


      3- Correct the sentences. Three sentences are correct.

        1) Everyone has a mobile phone these days.               6) The children like the cake.                  
        2) What time does you get up?            do            7) How often does he goes to the gym?           
        3) I doesn’t believe everything in newspapers.         8) It not feel very comfortable.                
        4) Do they like meeting people?              9) My sister studys modern languages at university.      
        5) The postman bring the letters in the morning.       10)  What similarities you see between the two nationalities? 



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