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1- Choose the correct words. 

A: Are you spending  lot lots of time at the gym these days?
B: No, not  much many. What about you?
A: No, I have very  little few spare time at the moment.
B: Me too. A  little few of my friends find time to go out after work but I find there aren’t any hours left for anything else.
A: How  much many hours do you work a week?
B: A  lot lots! Last week I worked over one hundred hours.
A: Don’t you get any holiday?
B: I have a  little few days off next week, actually.


2- Correct the mistake in lines 1–7. write the mistake and write the correction.

1) A survey of gyms and fitness centres suggests that people spend
2) their spare time at the gym, but very little people are actually losing any weight.
3) In answer to the question ‘How many weight have you lost since joining the
4) gym?’ only 23% of the members said they were fitter. A little people (4%) even
5) said they had gained a few weight. But gyms needn’t worry about these results.
6) When asked the question ‘Will you pay your membership next year?’ only few
7) people answered ‘no’ (9%). It’s clear that much members are more interested in the extra benefit, e.g. the sauna.

3- Choose the correct words. In two sentences both answers are possible.

1) A: How  much many milk do you like in your tea?
B:  A lot lot of, please.
2)  Lot lots students study online nowadays.
3)  Few A few people write letters anymore. Everyone uses email.
4) Can I have  much a little ice cream, please? It looks delicious!
5) Would you like  a little few milk?
6) Sorry, but we don’t have  much many information about train times.
7) You don’t earn  much little money as a teacher!
8) There  isn’t much ’s very little bread left. Can you buy some?
9) The post office is only  a little a few metres from the cinema.
10) In my opinion,  not many few children learn to be polite anymore.


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