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 1- Choose the correct adjectives in the film reviews. 

1) When I was a kid, I  used to didn’t use to think there were monsters under my bed. I never  used to didn’t use to go to sleep until my mum had looked under the bed.
2) I  used to didn’t use to like dogs. Our neighbours had a big black dog that always  used to didn’t use to bark at me whenever I went near it. I  used to didn’t use to cross the road to get away from it.
3) I  used to didn’t use to like visiting my great aunt. She  used to didn’t use to have any toys for us to play with and she never  used to didn’t use to let us watch TV.

2- Complete the conversation using the correct form of used to and short answers.

A: (you have) any pets when you were young?
B: Yes, we (do). We always (have) animals in the house: cats and dogs, and sometimes birds and fish too.
A: (you help) to look after them?
B: Yes, my dad said that we could only have pets if we promised to look after them.
We (take) it in turns. My sister (not like) looking after the birds very much. She (be) scared they’d peck her.

       3- Rewrite the sentences using used to where possible.

1) My brother kept snakes when he was younger.
2) He got his first snake when he was eight.
3) He kept them in a box in the garage.
4) He looked after them very well.
5) They lived there for almost six years.
6) Then he lost interest and he took them all to the local zoo.
7) He visited them there once a week.
8) I think he went about nine or ten times before he forgot about them.

       4- Write about three things that used to be true for you when you were younger.

1) I used to .
2) I didn’t use to .
3) I always used to