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 1- Put the words in order. 

1) the lottery give I to charity won I’d the money if

2) taller he’d were he be a great if basketball player

3) if I more energy did I’d some exercise have

4) asked for mind if wouldn’t he you some help

5) if by bus I have go to work I’d didn’t a car

6) worrying it stop if I about were I’d you

2- Choose the correct options.

A: So, if you  won would win a million pounds on the lottery, what  did would you do with it?
B: I don’t know. I think  I bought I’d buy a house, and if my family  needed would need some money,
 I gave I’d give them some, of course.
A:  Did Would you give any money to charity?
B: If the money was going to help someone have a better life, well, yes, I  did would. What about you?
A: If  I had I’d have a million pounds,  I started I’d start my own business.  I opened I’d open an art gallery or something like that …
B: Nice idea. If  I started I’d start a new business, I think

       3- Complete the people’s thoughts.

1) I have to work this morning. If I breakfast in bed.
2) I haven’t got enough time. If I , to school on my bike.
3) I haven’t got enough money. If I , that scooter.
4) I don’t know how to drive. If I , a taxi driver.

       4- Complete the sentences so that they are true for you.

1) If I had , I .
2) If I could , I .
3) If I didn’t have to , I






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