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1- Choose the correct forms.

1) Shop assistants be polite to customers.

2) Teachers wear a uniform.

3) Nurses wash their hands.

4) Engineers get a special qualification.

5) Taxi drivers in the UK don’t drive on the right.

6) Police officers wear a uniform.

7) Waiters cook the food.

8) Journalists ask questions.


2- Complete the conversations about jobs with do, does, have to, has to or mustn’t.
 What are the jobs in conversations 1 and 2?

Conversation 1
A: What time do you start work?
B: I have to be there at nine o’clock. Ι be late.
A: you wear a uniform?
B: Yes, I.
A: What jobs you do?
B: I clean the restaurant and serve the customers.

Conversation 2
C: Does Emily like her new job?
D: Yes, because she doesn’t get up early! The shop doesn’t open until ten.
C: she serve the customers?
D: Yes, she . And she tidy the clothes.
C: Can she smoke?
D: No, she smoke in the shop so she smoke on the street.


3- Look at the rules and the job Write sentences about Paolo and Macy. Use has to, doesn’t have to or mustn’t.




1) food  Paulo has to cook the food.
      Macy doesn’t have to cook the food.

2) smoke Paulo and Macy

3) tables  Paulo

4) uniform Paulo and Macy

5) late   Paulo and Macy

6) customers Paulo


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