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1-  Complete the text by adding most or -est to the adjectives in brackets. Make any necessary spelling


    Tierra del Fuego is one of the (fascinating) places on earth. Its snowy mountains offer some of the (spectacular) views you will ever see. The (high) peak stands at 2448 m above sea level. The (easy) access to Tierra del Fuego is from Argentina, and Ushuaia is the (popular) destination with tourists. But the (southern) town in South America, and the world, is Puerto Toro, Chile. It is also one
    of the (small) towns in South America with a population of under fifty people. A visit to Puerto Toro will certainly be one of the (unforgettable) experiences of your life.

    2- Complete the sentences using most, least or –est and the adjectives and adverbs in the box.

    cold   expensive   fast   high   hot   northern   small   visited


      1) Ulaan Batar, Outer Mongolia, is the capital city in the world. It has an average temperature of 21.38 C.
      2) Bangkok is the city in the world, with an average temperature of 308 C all year round.
      3) Chonqing, China, is probably the growing city in the world. Experts believe its size will double from ten million to twenty million in the next thirteen years.
      4) Paris is the city in the world. It has over thirty million tourists a year.
      5) The Vatican City is probably the world’s capital city. Just under 1000 people live inside its walls.
      6) La Paz, Bolivia, situated at 3640 m above sea level, is the capital city in the world.
      7) Asuncion in Paraguay is possibly the capital city in the world. The cost of living in Asuncion is only a third of the cost of living in New York.
      8) Hammerfest, Norway, situated just outside the Arctic Circle, is one of the cities in the world.

      3- Complete the conversations with the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in brackets.

        A: So, what did you think of Prague?
        B: Amazing. It’s definitely (beautiful) than any of the other cities I’ve visited so far.
        But, I must admit, the food is (good) in Paris.
        Conversation 2
        C: What’s (good) way to get to London?
        D: Well, the train probably gets you there (quick). It’s definitely (fast) than going by car.

        E: What was the hotel like?
        F: Well, it wasn’t (comfortable) hotel I’ve ever stayed in! It was on one of (busy) streets in the town – it was really noisy. And the second night was (bad) than the first. The air-conditioning wasn’t working and there was a party going on in the street. That was probably (bad) night’s sleep I’ve ever had!



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