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1- Put the words in order. Start with the phrase which is underlined. 


            Old-fashioned style or new tech comfort? Which camper van do you prefer?

module 7

1) popular as the new model isn’t the original model as

2) stylish not the new van as is

3) it’s as comfortable sleep to in just

4) to run not expensive as the new model is

5) the new one the old one big as as just is

2- Complete the sentences using as as … and the words in brackets.

1) bus ($25) train ($40): The bus isn’t (nearly / expensive) the train.
2) car (5 passengers) van (10 passengers): The car isn’t (quite / big) the van.
3) bike (no fuel) car (full tank of fuel): Obviously a bike isn’t (nearly / expensive) to run as a car.
4) bike (30 mins) bus (30 mins): You can get there by bike (just / quickly) by bus.
5) January (4) August (18): The weather in January isn’t (warm) it is in August.
6) bus (:)) train (:)) : The bus isn’t (quite / comfortable) the train.

3- Complete the common expressions with the words in the box.

bad         easy         good         much         quickly         young

1) A: Thanks for looking after the kids.
B: You’re welcome. It was a pleasure. They’ve been as as gold.
2) A: Hi! Sorry I’m late. I got here as as I could.
B: Don’t worry. We started without you.
3) A: You can fix the car, can’t you?
B: Mmm … I’m not sure. It isn’t as as it looks.
4) A: Help yourselves to some food. Take as as you want.
B: Thanks! It looks delicious!
5) A: Look at this! It’s ruined!
B: Let me see. No, it isn’t as as you think. It’ll come out in the wash.
6) A: Ouch! I’m not as as I used to be!
B: Watch out Fred. You’re showing your age!


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