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1- Complete the text with the past simple form of the verb in brackets or short answers. 

Dix (be) a writer and Laura (be) a young actress. They (live) in the same apartment block, but they (not know) each other. One night Dix (bring) a young girl back to his flat. As they arrived, they (meet) Laura. She and Dix (look) at each other.
They (not speak), but they were instantly attracted to each other.
The next morning the police (ask) Laura to go to the police station.
The girl (be) dead. The police (think) that Dix was the murderer. ‘ (you see) Dix leave with the girl?’ they (ask).
‘No, I ,’ she replied, ‘I (see) him standing at his bedroom window – alone.’Dix and Laura’s eyes met across the room. Everyone could see they (be) in love.


2- Complete the questions with the past simple form of the verbs in the box.

ask              be (3 2)              do              meet              talk              tell

1) What job Dix ? He was a writer.
2) When Dix and Laura first ? One night, when Dix brought a girl home to his flat.
3) they to each other? No, they didn’t. They just looked at each other.
4) Why the police Laura to go to the police station? They wanted to ask her some questions.
5) Dix worried? No, he was sure Laura could prove his innocence.
6) What she the police? That she saw him standing alone at his bedroom window.
7) they in love? Yes, it was obvious to everybody.

3- Put the words in the correct order to make questions.

1) night what you last do did?
2) see you what film did?
3) actors were who the?
4) about was what it?
5) it you enjoy did?

4- the responses a–e to the questions in exercise 3.

a) Yes, it was great.
b) A writer and an actress who fell in love.
c) An old black and white film called In A Lonely Place.
d) We went to the cinema.
e) Humphrey Bogart and Gloria Grahame.