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  • Answer the questions carefully after completing your lesson of the day.

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1- Complete the sentences with was, were, wasn’t or weren’t. 

    1) What you doing at ten o’clock last night?
    2) Why he running away so fast?
    3) He doing his homework. He watching TV instead!
    4) They disturbing the neighbours with their loud music.
    5) I’m sorry. I working late at the office and I forgot to call.
    6) Sorry, we listening. What did you say?
    7) She living there for very long, only a few weeks, I think.
    8) They having problems with their car, so they took a taxi.


    2- Choose the correct form of the verb.

      A: What did you dowere you doing at 2 a.m. this morning? Did you haveWere you having a party?
      B: No, not a party. We invitedwere inviting some friends round for dinner. Why?
      A: The music was really loud! I triedwas trying to get to sleep.
      B: Sorry! I didn’t knowwasn’t knowing it was so loud.

      C: Oh! Hello! I didn’t know you waitedwere waiting for me. I spokewas speaking to Mark on the phone.
      D: It’s OK. I finishedwas finishing work about half an hour ago. Would you like to go for a quick coffee?
      Have you got time?
      C: Yes, I have. I just lookedwas just looking at a report, but I can finish it later.

      3- Complete the text with the past continuous or past simple of the verbs in brackets.


      module 9

        A man (walk) down the street. It (be) a beautiful day – the sun (shine) and the birds (sing). The man (walk) past a park bench when he (see) a piece of paper on the floor. He (pick) it up. It (be) a lottery ticket. He (cross) the street to a shop where a woman (write) the winning lottery numbers on a board. He (read) the numbers on the board and (look) at the numbers on his ticket. He couldn’t believe his eyes! As he (walk) out of the shop, he (dream) about how he would spend his three-million-pound prize!


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